Duncan, SC 7-Eleven

258 Plemmons Rd
Lease Type Absolute NNN
Cap Rate 5.15%
Property Type Freestanding Building
Building Size 6,792 SF
Land Area 4.70 Acres
Status Active

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Property Highlights
  • Directly Next Door to BMW’s Largest US Manufacturing Facility
    • The facility contains over 8 million square feet and employs more than 11,000 workers
    • 7-Eleven’s new truck stop location has a built in customer base right away given the truck volume required to service BMW’s manufacturing business
    • The existing Quiktrip across the street is one of the top producers in their entire system, and the new 7-Eleven outpositions the QT property for trucks to refuel
  • 7-Eleven Located on the Same Side of the Interstate Exit as Michelin’s Largest US Distribution Center
    • Michelin’s 3.3M SF distribution center, located in Woodruff, SC, owned and operated by Michelin North America is the largest distribution center of the Michelin Group worlwide. It serves approximately 60% of the customers in North America.
  • Unmatched Demographic Growth Trends
    • Purposefully located on the South side of the interchange to service Michelin’s 3.3M SF distribution center
    • Population of 11,853 within a 3-mile radius | 13.09% 1-mile projected population growth through 2027
  • Strategic Location Directly Next to Greenville’s Fast Growing Airport
    • Greenville-Spartanburg Int’l Airport is located only a few miles from the brand new 7-Eleven, and the trucks servicing the airport will use this exact exit for fuel
    • GSP Airport is the fastest growing airport in South Carolina and services 2.6M passengers a year
  • Huge, Oversized Parcel with Future Value
    • Strong residual value for the parcel size directly off a major intersection on I-85 in Greenville, SC
    • No matter how many years into the future, there will always be a use for 4.70 Acres directly off the interstate
    • 65.66% 1-mile Population Growth Since 2010
  • Rare, NNN Property in the Booming Greenville, SC MSA
    • NNN properties with No Landlord Responsibilities are difficult to find in the top investment markets such as Greenville, SC
    • The year over year property rent in Greenville, SC continues to climb as the population growth is higher than most other cities
  • Excellent Exposure & Visibility Along Logistical Arterial Thoroughfare
    • I-85 is One of the Most Heavily Trafficked Highways in SC (100k+ VPD)
    • With 780 feet of frontage along State Highway 101 (26k VPD), the subject property enjoys ample visibility
    • Immediate Access to the I-85 On Ramp Assures this 7-Eleven Becomes the Preferred Location for Semi-Truck Drivers Refueling
    • Over 29M SF of Industrial Properties within a 3-Mile Radius of the Subject Property will Promote Significant Semi-Truck Traffic
  • New Larger 7-Eleven Prototype and Semi-Truck Hub & Fuel Station
    • 20 Standard Pumps & 12 Diesel Pumps For Semi-Trucks | RV and Truck Parking Spaces Available
    • Effortless Refueling Capabilities Will Attract Significant Commercial Drivers to the Subject Property
    • The Adjacent QuikTrip Ranks in the top 3% Nationally and #4 in the State of South Carolina